Our services


Do you prefer to own your property, or to rent in order to operate your business more conveniently? Whichever you choose, we have the services necessary to provide you with a turnkey building, since we operate as both project developer and contractor.


Project development means that we are responsible for the entire chain from land acquisition and the permit process all the way to a finished building. Where should the facility be located? And what are your specific needs?

We take care of the entire process from land acquisition and planning until the facility is ready for occupancy. This means that we handle all contacts with building permit officials and authorities. We provide architectural and design services and then build the property. We also ensure that your property gets a strong and long-term owner.


As a contractor, we ensure that the building is built according to the customer’s specifications. The earlier we can become involved in the process, the greater the benefit you as a customer can derive from our long experience of this type of facility. Together, we can optimize the logistics or industrial facility based on several parameters. How will the space be optimally utilized? What equipment is required for the business to function both today and in the long term? Through cooparation we will find the best solution.


Proximity to major cities, large traffic flows and various modes of transport such as rail, road and port are some of the factors you should keep in mind if you are considering a new logistics or industrial facility. We help you find the right location.