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HydraSpecma has moved into its new premises

In May, HydraSpecma was able to move into its new facility in Bårhult just east of Gothenburg. The 11,200 sqm building, built by Logistic Contractor, now houses the HydraSpecma’s Swedish headquarters and one of the group’s many production units.

HydraSpecma is, among other things, a subcontractor to the automotive industry and in Bårhult, the main production consists of hose systems for heavier applications. Most of the deliveries from here go to Swedish customers but increasingly also to other countries in Europe. At present, about 100 people work in the facility.

So far, there is plenty of space, both in the production department on the entrance level and in the office upstairs, but the building is dimensioned for future growth.

– Until now, we have focused on moving our existing business from our previous smaller premises in Gothenburg. We already have a strong demand from customers today and together with our planned business development, the premises will gradually be filled, says Markus Wallin, COO at HydraSpecma and responsible for the construction and relocation.

In 2019, planning began for the new premises and in May 2020, the contract agreement was signed with Logistic Contractor.

– We have had a very good collaboration with LC throughout the production period and we are very satisfied with the facility. For us, it was important that the original schedule could be kept. If we had not been able to move as planned, we would have had to stay in the old premises for another year.

Krook & Tjäder has been the architect of the facility and they have put a lot of focus on creating a pleasant indoor environment in the office. Office landscapes are combined with smaller workspaces when privacy is needed. A warm color palette with slightly burnt tones has been used on floors, walls and interiors. The kitchen and the eating area are dimensioned for many.

– One of the objections we received from the staff when we presented the relocation plans was that we moved from an area where there were plenty of lunch restaurants nearby to an industrial area that is just being established. We have therefore invested in a well-equipped kitchen for those who want to bring food and have also signed an agreement with a restaurant that delivers lunch to us. As more companies establish themselves around us, there will probably also be a larger range of restaurants in the immediate area in the long term. Now that the move has been completed, it is my opinion that our employees have settled in.

Fredrik Jagersjö Rosell is Business Development Manager at Logistic Contractor and is responsible for getting the project to port in the spring of 2021.

– For several years, we have worked strategically to develop our product concept and also focus on manufacturing companies. HydraSpecma’s facility is an excellent example of this and proof that the buildings we build are just as suitable for light industry as for pure warehousing and logistics operations. It feels great that this project is on target with a satisfied customer, concludes Fredrik Jagersjö Rosell.

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