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Our large construction for DHL at Kastrup Airport is beginning to take shape

In November 2020, we signed an agreement with DHL to build a new parcel terminal and office for them at Kastrup Airport in Copenhagen. A total of 26,000 sqm will be built along with a parking deck of 7,500 sqm.

The building is now beginning to take shape. The project began with 3,000 piles being driven into the ground. This created a stable foundation for the building. Throughout the spring, the work of erecting the steel frame has been ongoing. Now almost the entire roof is in place and we are working on the assembly of the prefabricated wall elements. In parallel, electricity, water and sprinkler systems are being installed.

– DHL’s building is far from any ordinary, square logistics building. Here we handle three different ceiling heights and the fact that part of the roof consists of a parking deck. In addition, one of the corners of the building is rounded, and for that we have specially ordered curved sandwich elements. The building will also contain a shelter, which places special demands on that space. Right now, between 50 and 60 people are active on site, but we will be up to 100 people during the really intense periods in the future, says Viktor Baláz, Site manager.

When fully completed, the building will contain a large parcel terminal with loading and unloading hall, three separate office departments and a workshop with vehicle wash.

The terminal will be ready for operation during the summer of 2022.