Our offering

After many years in the industry, we are a leading specialist and a secure partner when it comes to building and developing facilities for logistics and industry in the Nordic region. We have the necessary knowledge to carry out sustainable construction that is fully compliant with our customers’ needs.


Logistics customers can have many different needs. A third-party logistics specialist that needs facilities for cargo reloading and warehousing. An online retailer that needs a warehouse, distribution centre and office. A wholesaler that needs a regional or national central warehouse. For example, we built a 55,000 sqm central warehouse in Örebro for the discount chain Dollarstore to serve their approximately 100 retail outlets around Sweden. Common to all of them is a need for large areas and well-planned logistics management.


The logistics buildings that we originally specialised in are also very suitable for light industry. Industrial needs often coincide with those of logistics facilities, e.g. with regard to goods reception and outbound delivery. The difference lies in the processing that goes on inside the building. Examples include Northvolt, a developer of batteries for the automotive industry, hydraulic equipment, insulation and recycling of IT equipment, and Europe’s most modern kitchen factory with an area of 123,000 sqm, which we are building for Nobia outside Jönköping.


When we build for the logistics and industrial market, the end product should, of course, be logical, efficient and convenient. In addition, it must be stable and durable so that heavy pallets can be loaded and unloaded without wear and tear on the premises. However, we would like to add another dimension because we believe that job satisfaction is largely linked to the fact that people appreciate spending time in attractive modern premises.

We therefore work in collaboration with the architect and the tenant to determine how the premises can also be designed from an aesthetic perspective. Our goal is to create a contrast to the extremely square exterior that is the foundation of an efficient facility and we do so by paying attention to colour, shape, materials and details.