The Wästbygg Group, which includes Logistic Contractor, made a commitment in 2017 to achieve fossil-free operations by 2030 in the areas of electricity, heating, transport and waste. As part of this effort, we have developed a tool called “Climate-smart Construction Site” to reduce our climate footprint during the production phase.

We have long experience of conducting measures to reduce buildings’ climate footprint through low energy use and a high environmental profile, such as green energy and heat production and various energy-saving solutions. We build for long-term sustainability using low-maintenance materials. We also carry out climate calculations and consider life cycle costs as a basis for deciding which options to choose.

In each project, we work with the client, suppliers and contractors to find the best solutions.


We have also made a commitment for all our self-developed logistics and industrial facilities to be awarded Silver level certification by the Sweden Green Building Council or another equivalent, well-established certification. We are familiar with all certification systems used in the Nordic market today, and we can also work according to specific environmental programmes developed by individual clients.


For clients who choose not to have a building certified according to a standard but still want it to be sustainable, we offer our Green Options. Some examples of our Green Options:

  • Solar cells for electricity production.
  • Solar panels for heat production.
  • Wind turbines.
  • Heat pump system.
  • Extra airtight building.
  • Additional insulation of walls and ceilings.

    Within the Wästbygg Group, we work from a social, economic and ecological perspective when it comes to sustainability.